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What Bathtub Material Fits Your Style?


When choosing the right bathtub or tub for your bathroom, you should consider many different factors. Take into account the space available; what shape and what fit will be right for you? Also consider how you plan to use the bathtub. Is it for bathing the kids or for hot long baths? Once you've determined these areas of your bathing requirements, then it's time to pick the right bathtub material.


With lots of different tub materials to fit all budgets and bathroom spaces, here are some of the top bath materials out there and how they might be suitable for your needs.


Stainless stain bathtubs (steel enamel baths)


Highly popular in Europe, stainless steel bathtub, or steel enamel baths, is a great option for bathing. They are exceptionally durable, hard-wearing, easy to clean, hygienic and scratch-resistant.


Acrylic tubs


Acrylic is a very popular choice of stainless steel bathtub material. Its strength and natural warmth make it popular with home renovators. It is also a lightweight and affordable option of bath. To maintain its color and high sheen, gentle cleaning products are recommended as anything abrasive may damage the bath.


Cast iron tubs


One of the most expensive materials for baths is cast iron baths. Durable and strong, these tubs are made by using molten iron to create a mould. To get their glossy finish, the surface gets fired and becomes resistant to cracks, chips, and scratches. You need to know that cast iron tubs are very heavy, but they are perfect if you're looking for that timeless look. Learn how to install bathtubs with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_4452972_install-walk-in-bathtub-shower.html.


Steel porcelain baths


Made out of solid steel, these tubs have porcelain coating to get that quality gloss finish. Very hardy, steel porcelain baths are highly resistant to vigorous cleaning, scratches and are an affordable tub material option.


Copper baths


This is one of the best options when it comes to luxurious bathing. Made in any shape, this material conducts and keeps heat, making it ideal for those hot, long soaks.


Stone composite baths


These bathtubs are readily available out there. They are made of composite material that consists of crushed stone and a polymer resin. Mainly made with quartz, stone composite baths feature numerous other materials, including mother of pearl, marble, and limestone. They also have a stunning natural stone look.


Whatever bathtub material you ultimately choose, it's critical that it fits your needs, bathroom style and budget. Now that you've chosen your tub material, what type of tub will best fit your needs as well as style?